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The Solution to Backpack Comfort

Backpacks are essential in our everyday lives.  The student going to class, travelling the world, going on a hike, on a business trip, vacation, waiting hours in line to get on that theme park ride.  Feel the heat, the sweat and sticky shirt, it's very uncomfortable, why?  Because there is no ventilation.  We've seen ways people combat this;  Hanging a backpack over one shoulder, the hand carry switch, the "honey it's your turn to carry the backpack".  These reactive techniques keep the backpack off your back but can still lead to muscle and back irritation due to weight unbalance.  Even skin irritation in the form of acne on the back comes from back sweat.  Here is a link that talks about the challenges of having to deal with backpack sweat and list several backpacks that can combat backpack sweat.  The fact is, anything that lays flat against your back regardless of material whether it is canvas, mesh, even nylon will produce heat resulting in back sweat.   So how do you stop backpack sweat?  How do you avoid back sweat? 


Welcome BackPackJacks

Our patent pending solution attaches to your backpack to lift and tilt the backpack away from your back.  This allows air to pass through your entire back to keep you cool and stop backpack sweat.  It also keeps your backpack dry away from sweat.  Now you can stop fussing with your backpack trying to find a way to keep your back cool.  Its physics!  Disrupt the center of gravity of an object, the object tilts.  It's cylindrical shape moves with you giving you the freedom to move about comfortably.  It's easy to use!  Simply clip the BackPackJack to the bottom ends of your backpack straps and your done.  

girl on beach with product attached to her backpack

Promote Better Posture.  As the BackPackJack gently rests in your lumbar area, the tilting angle of the backpack gently pulls your shoulders back, rather than down.  You’ll feel an immediate difference in weight distribution.  Nothing touches your back allowing you to stay cool, wear your backpack longer and promote a healthy back posture.  

Functionality Meets Fashion.  BackPackJacks look amazing and come in many styles and colors.  We're sure we have one just for you!  We even have limited edition styles to collect and they look great attached to your backpack.  Turn any backpack to a ventilated backpack and stop sweating.

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