• May not be as effective on backpacks with a waist strap.
  • Works best when your backpack is full.  e.g. books, food, dirty laundry.
  • Loosening your backpack shoulder straps will give the best results.
  • No, it is not made from paint rollers, they're too stiff.
  • Do not try to paint with the BackPackJack, it is not a paint roller and the result may be disastrous. 
  • Not machine washable.  Use mild soap on a damp wash cloth to dab. do not rub the material.
  • warning, if taken apart or damaged, some pieces may become a choking hazard if swallowed.  Be responsible and dispose immediately. 

Doing jumping jacks, running, twisting, dancing or any other odd movements may cause the BackPackJack to disconnect.  If it does, simply reconnect the the end clips.