The things we have in common

Backpacks are essential for everyday living. Most of us have one or even two backpacks. Personally, I have two. The main issue I have with my backpacks when I wear them long enough is Perspiration!  Feel the heat, the sweat and sticky shirt, it's very uncomfortable.  If you ever see a person hanging a backpack over one shoulder, chances are, their back is overheated.  However, wearing a backpack over one shoulder causes a weight unbalance.  This can lead to back irritation.

Welcome BackPackJacks!

Our patented pending solution reduces backpack sweat.  It easily attaches to  standard backpacks and it is super comfortable.  Loosen your backpack straps and the positive camber tilts the top of your backpack away from your back.  This allows air to pass through your entire back to keep you cool.  Now you can wear your backpack longer without the worry of backpack sweat.  

Another great feature of the BackPackJack is the way it promotes proper posture.  The tilting angle of the backpack gently pulls the shoulders back, rather than down.  Although heavy backpacks are never good for anyone's back, you’ll feel an immediate feel the difference in weight distribution.