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About Us

From childhood, Rory has always had a knack to be creative and inventive. But there was one idea he believed would make a problem solving difference in all of our daily lives.

BackPackJacks (the term jack as to “lift”) was created from having an active lifestyle using backpacks everywhere he went. He found himself struggling with the uncomfortable feeling of his back overheating and being sweaty everytime he used it.

Today we literally pack our lives into our backpacks and now they have become more modern with many new features. But the backpack design itself has not changed since its invention back in 1938. Most of todays backpacks still lay flat against your back. Since the world is already saturated with backpacks, we've created an amazing accessory to complement yours.

When you use our BackPackJack, you will immediately feel a difference. You will feel cooler as your back is ventilated as the air passes in between. It’s so easy to use and is so comfortable to wear. It is simply is the best way to keep your back cool.

Our goal is to be a brand that is focused on simplicity, functionality, quality and comfort. Just as important, give our product a personality through trendy styles that can appeal to everyone.  Anyone with a backpack can benefit from it.

We are BackPackJacks. Our mission is to change a little part of your world by helping you be comfortable through your journey.  Because the most simplest little things can make a huge difference.


BackPackJacks is a part of Everyday Ingenuity, LLC.  We design products that are cleverly simple and smart.

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