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5 Ways to Prevent Back Pain at Theme Parks

avoiding back pain at theme parks

There is something about trekking around a theme park all day that can take anyone down. Doesn’t matter your fitness level, even an Ironman runner or a thru-hiker will feel the pain after 12 hours of stomping on pavement, standing in lines, and lugging water and overpriced souvenirs in their pack. If you’ve ever collapsed into bed with an aching back after Disneyland, Six Flags, or even the Zoo, you might be wondering:

How can I avoid back pain at theme parks?

While those with serious back problems should always consult with a medical professional to ensure they don’t cause further injuries, there are simple ways to protect your back, stay cool, and avoid posture-related pain at theme parks. Here are a few we recommend!  

Wear the right shoes

We’re looking at you, guy in Vans slip-ons. While casual tennis shoes might work just fine for your day-to-day outings  –this is no regular Tuesday. The average Disney World visitor treks 7-10 MILES in a day. Choose supportive shoes with enough cushion to protect your feet and lower back from the pain that hours of standing and walking can cause.

Use a BackPackJack to help your posture 

Water bottles, snacks, extra clothes, and $40 bubble wands can add some serious weight to your backpack. Along with choosing a decent pack with supportive straps, using a BackPackJack helps you avoid back pain at theme parks by disrupting the pack’s center of gravity and creating a positive camber that tilts the pack away from your back – giving you better posture and preventing back sweat all day long. If you’ve ever walked Disneyland in August, you know how crucial staying cool is. 

Whether you’re rocking All Black Everything or casual boardies and a tank top, we’ve got a BackPackJack that’ll fit your style – and their versatile, easy-to-use clip-on system means they’re compatible with just about any backpack in your arsenal.

Take breaks 

We know you want to hit Star Tours for the 6th time. But while time is of the essence while navigating a theme park, rest is even more valuable to prevent serious back pain at the end of the day. Catch a parade or a show, or just grab a churro and plant yourself on a bench for a few minutes to take some pressure off your hard-working spine. 

Skip any ultra-aggressive rides

We’re fans of the twisting, twirling, dropping, jolting rides ourselves - but if your back isn’t in tip-top shape, high-octane rollercoasters and other spine-stressing rides (bumper cars, anyone?) could do more harm than they’re worth. There are usually signs at line entrances cautioning those with back or health problems not to ride - it’s in your best interest to heed those warnings. 


Using a BackPackJack means you’re sweating less (score), but that doesn’t mean you can skip the water breaks. Staying hydrated helps you avoid muscle cramps, which frequently contribute to back pain. Bring a good-sized water bottle and keep it filled whenever a filling station comes up. 

It’s almost a guarantee that after a long day at Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, or other theme park, you’ll be ready to climb into bed and take it ultra-easy the next day - it’s tiring! But taking the proper precautions can help you avoid back pain at theme parks and stay back sweat-free while you’re doing it. Check out our versatile range of sweat and slouch-reducing BackPackJacks and be sure to pick one up before your next theme park adventure!